Fee Schedule & Routine Services

$30.00 Monthly Fee
$25.00 Setup Fee

There are no set up fee's for loans originated by our office.
for transfers from other servicing companies we charge just a flat $250.00 this covers 10 - 200 loans. Please call for transfers of over 200. 

Routine Services Included in Monthly Charge

  • Provide payment processing including coupons and envelopes to the Payer

  • Collect payments owed to you every month

  • Payments are processed daily

  • Deposit of funds into your bank account or sent wherever you direct

  • Keep an accurate record of every payment made and every disbursement

  • Balloon payment notification

  • Provide year-end financial accounting required for IRS (1098 and 1099)

  • Pay all postage and telephone calls

  • Provide Late Notices

  • Document Custodial Service

  • Multi-Investor Notes


Additional Fees

Return check charge $25.00 (Usually paid by borrower.)
Demand fee $30.00 (Usually paid by borrower.)
Reconveyance Fees $45.00 (Usually paid by borrower.)

Late charges assessed and received by the borrower we retain 50% to cover costs associated with notices, phone calls and work associated in the collection process.



For more information call Phil at (707) 964-0708